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Welcome to the official website for pop/r&B singer, Jamila B.! She is a recording artist/songwriter based out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Here you can find out about her latest music projects and updates.

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Jamila B. is a pop and R&B singer; songwriter, and advocate for self-love. She resides in Hamilton, Ontario and was born to parents of Nigerian and Caribbean descent. Jamila harnesses strength from her roots to create music with inspiring messages of positivity, and lyrics that resonate with matters of the heart.

Using her degree in Communications at York University, Jamila is actively involved with her music on every level and stays mindful of how her music - filled with honesty, empathy, and care - can have long-lasting effects on the people around her. Jamila produces music based on lived experience that allows her audience to feel seen and heard. She has had the pleasure of opening for musical acts such as The Clipse, Redman, Derek Morgan, Tanya Stephens and Bobby Valentino.

Jamila B. works with a small but mighty team of producers and mentors who work tirelessly to create a sound that showcases her free spirit infused with her advocacy for self-love. Jamila B. released her debut EP, Love & Confidence, which is a powerful package of motivation that chronicles the ups and downs in life as well as the sweetness of love. Her first single, “Show Some Love”, touches on the plights of depression and anxiety while highlighting the importance of self-care and communication.

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